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morning, including a fatal fire. the orioles look to close the gap against the yankees. highlights and more right now on 11 news. >> this is breaking news. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> we begin with breaking news. baltimore city police are investigating a shooting involving one of their own. we are told the shooting happened 45 minutes ago and the 400 block of east loraine avenue. one officer shot a single suspect. we will have more information tomorrow morning. meantime, city police are looking for a missing teenager. officials say earlier this morning, a 13-year-old daniel jackson was arguing with his mother and the 1800 block of ruckston avenue. he has not been seen or heard from since. police say daniel is developmentally cha
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llenged. he was last seen wearing a turquoise paulo, blue and white shorts, and white sneakers. if he see daniel, you are asked to call 911 or the missing persons unit. our big story tonight -- the first full day of racing is over for the second annual grand prix of baltimore. how are things going for the second time around? george, how did things go? >> the organizers are not releasing attendance figures, but they are pleased with the crowds they have seen. the jury is still out on whether nearby businesses feel the same way. the race to the end of the second and no grand prix is in the homestretch. and organizers of the race to say that despite some literal bombs of the road, it has been a success, even though they will
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not make money on this. >> we had about 100 days. we are realistic. to do it right, you need more than 100 days. >> making money was a big issue for downtown restaurants last year. a lack of marketing and access to places like harvard east and little italy brought disappointing business. so far this year -- >> it is improved. they are more familiar with what roads are closed. if you come to little italy, you will not see any barricade. >> the races on saturday ended at 6:30 instead of around 9:00 p.m. last year. they redesigned the track to allow for other -- and better access. >> it is a little bit slower. it is a holiday weekend. we were hoping the grand prix would bring in more business.
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we did not have time to pool everything together could >> this city and organizers know they are going to -- there are going to be growing pains. >> our role model is a long bridg graneach grand prix. it is now in his 35th year. it revitalize the downtown of long beach. we see this event with the potential to do that for baltimore. >> now, the new promoters of this race had promised to pay vendors and the city back the money they are owed from this race, as opposed to what happened last year. >> all right. they had nice weather today. tonight was a different story. >> we have had some bumpy weather. south of washington, it is raining right now and a lot of washington. we will show you the radar.
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i circled baltimore on the map. from just south of the washington area, down around andrews air force base, and the eastern shore, that is a big storm complex that is not producing severe weather but lots of lots of lightning. inser to home, we'll zoom on the baltimore area. let me back off a little bit. i circled around the beltway. just to the northeast of town, east of cockeysville, there are showers developed. right along i-95 and route 40. those are not producing any light and yet, but that is the kind of stuff that develops into a thunderstorm -- those are not producing any lightning yet. we will have more of this activity tomorrow and monday. >> thank you. in other news, fire officials
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are trying to determine what sparked a fire that killed one person in east baltimore this morning. this picture was provided by baltimore city fire officials. the fire happened just before 3 :00. crews found the body of a man inside the home. he was pronounced dead. the man was well known in the neighborhood. >> he was a good guy, all real good guy. everybody loved temper. i loved him --everybody loved him. the whole neighborhood knew him well. >> while searching the building, one firefighter fall through to the basement but it was not injured. baltimore county police charged a man with murder and an early- morning stabbing in essex. just before 3:00 p.m., police responded to the bar. they found a 25-year-old suffered multiple stab wounds in the parking lot. he was taken to bay view, where he later died.
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police arrested a 21-year-old, an acquaintance. he is charged with first-degree murder and is being held without bail. , police were called to the 7100 block of -- police were also called to the 7100 block -- an employee at the borrower was stabbed while breaking up a fight -- at the bar, was stabbed while breaking up a fight. in anne arundel county, police are trying to determine what caused a car accident that killed two people. a around 10:00 friday night, officers were called to the 3600 block of patuxent river road in davidsonville. and the driver and their 14- year-old passenger were each flown to the hospital, where they later died. investigators are trying to determine if speed or alcohol were a factor in this crash. monday's shooting at perry hall high school hit close to home.
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businesses are finding ways to help out. they are donating some of their proceeds to the family. store owners say they want to show their support as part of the community. >> this family is in a tragic place. and anything that we can do to help them get out of that tragic place that they are in and let them know that we are behind prayers, then that is what we do. >> the store will match any donations made this weekend and into next week. tracking isaac. utility crews are working overtime to restore power and louisiana were 400,000 are without power. chris made progress in debt and rich today, restoring power -- crews made progress in baton rouge today.
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the end of an era in pikesville. why all local institution closed doors. cooking up a record. how much went into the world's how much went into the world's
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>> it has been a mainstay for 120 years, but today was the final day of business for field of pharmacy. since 1892, fields has sold anything from cards to cosmetics and really go to lunch. owners decided to close. fields thanked its customers. there is only a few days left to check out they 131st annual maryland state fair. after a slow first weekend, officials hope to make up with a big crowds this labor day weekend. there is something for everyone at from food, to the carnival
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midway. the fair is open until 10:00 p.m. on labor day. >> 1, 2, 3. >> that is a really big crab cake. 300 house, the world's largest. -- 300 pounds. 200 called a crab cake. and 9 hours to cook. they will benefit the 4-h club. it looks really good. >> glad they did that today because rain may be an issue. it may be an issue for a while. we had some strong storms around here. tree damage here and that. not all of that activity slipped to the south, but tomorrow is a
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different day. we will of the insta-weather- plus forecast. at b.w.i., it is down to 75. at b.w.i., it is down to 75. still 81 downt
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plus forecast with john collins. >> the strongest storms are saw the bus but right around the city, and i circled baltimore, some isolated showers near baltimore county. no lightning coming out of that yet, but they are a little bigger than they were. we will see how much development will happen. here is the district of columbia and southeast of there, some pretty big storms. they are down toward the lower eastern shore. that is where all lightning is. no severe weather. let's go to the wider view of the radar. is to give you an idea of how that step has been moving just this evening. we had some strong storms move to the area. they pack a punch. now we have that big cluster down to the south of us. look at that ring to the --that rain. this is involving that tropical
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moisture left over from isaac. so the rain we have today, not that much so far. but cumulatively speaking over the next couple of days, we will be collecting some. at the airport, just over 1/4 inche of rain. for the year, we are behind 8 ball by 5 inches. technically, we are ahead for this month so far. 93 was the high at the airport. 99 was the record set in 1962. 78 degrees in easton where it is raining. 77 on the boardwalk. parkton down to 71. far western 60's in maryland. satellite image shows the cluster of storms to the south. a lot more clout and a lot more rain back in ohio. there is a front that is stalled. a lot of waves moving along the front. a lot of moisture.
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a lot of tropical moisture to the south of it. the remnant of isaac out ot the west. all that will be moving along this front, which will be parked here all weekend long. dryer air to the north and the more tropical stuff to the south. our forecast overnight is cloudy with the scattered showers, maybe zero rumble of thunder. leaning more towards shower activity. 69-75, with an east-southeast wind. during the day tomorrow, scattered showers and thunderstorms. we will stress the scattered. it will not be raining all the time. there is a pretty good chance we will get rain at some point. 80-85 the high. not as warm tomorrow because of all the cloud cover. the bay, southeast wins 5-10 knots. the bay water temperature is right now are in the low 80's. that is pretty warm for this time of year. insta-weather futurecast shows
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the rain letting up. by tomorrow evening, letting up once again. so tomorrow is not going to be as wet as it will be monday into tuesday. especially monday night and tuesday. how much rain can we expect? maybe up to1/2 inch. we could add another is to that by monday night. the rain totals cumulatively could be significant. ocean city's forecast -- a few showers tonight. the thunder storm chances going up sunday and monday. high temperatures tomorrow and monday in the 80's. it will not be raining all the time but the threat of rain will be with us all weekend long, right to the middle of the coming week. temperatures will be in the 80 's. the highest rain chances will be during the day tomorrow. overnight sunday into monday and then they will taper off a little bit. rain will be full not come into
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close to next weekend. >> of big day for maryland. >> the terps earned a victory in their season opener. it took a lot to get past bill and mary. favoreds america's jackpot game and it starts right now. this is powerball. tonight your jackpot is a guaranteed $80 million. you can be our next when there. get out your tickets. your firest white ball number is 8. the second number is 44. this is pamela from florida. she won $1 million and plans to split the winnings with her boyfriend who is a cancer survivor. congratulations. your final numbers are -- 21, 11, and 49.
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let's check out your powerball. when you match this number, you are always the winner. tonight, that number is 22. once again, here are your winning powerball numbers for
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>> from the susquehanna banks sports center, this is a 11 sports. >> old school loss. pre-2012. missed opportunities followed by a late new york rally. the o's are likely to rebound quickly. good start in the bronx. there you go. teeing off on david phelps. 18th home run of the season. the orioles built a 3-0 lead. fourth strike out of the day. derek jeter looking. it unraveled in the seventh.
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did not have tremendous command. -3, basesame at 30 loaded. a flat-out boot. a 1 run victory for the orioles. buck showalter cannot wait. >> tomorrow will be another test for him. he knows that. he understands the level of competition, what it takes. i look forward to watching him in this venue. it's always fun, and you have to take that in. as you get older, you realize that. >> in the wild card, baltimore and tour is one of the top two spot. the rays won this afternoon. detroit keeps beating. 30 games left for the orioles this season. 14 hours of televised college football and counting. we start in college park where
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for the second year in a row, maryland opened the season with a win. not necessarily a harbinger for things to comes. open up against william and mary. everything they had to win. he won 4 sacks.'l's first fourth quarter. maryland offense gets into the end zone. maryland at the winner. 7-6. the first ever college football game in ireland. navy facing notre dame. george atkinson for the irish goes right, goes left and goes gone. 56 yards. into the end zone. notre dame out quickly, 13-0. navy's first drive of the second
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half, coming out to say we could half,in . trey milller er. 27-10. that was the last of navy's offense. great trip but kind of a forgettable game. in baltimore, morgan state is kicking off the season against sacred heart. second quarter, bears down 7-3. rankin. there he goes. foot race won by rankin. morgan state with a 10-7 lead. fourth quarter. ricky moore. beautiful. a touchdown pass. 20-70. this one went into overtime. gonzalez -- the game winner. morgan state at home. opens up with a win 30-27.
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johns hopkins open up against randolph macon. hopkins a 7-0 lead. up top. look at the catch. tapping the toes. johns hopkins went on to win this one by a fine of 36-13. please stay with us. 11 news continues right after this.
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real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. >> how much rain on the ride home? >> all i can suggest is checked in with tony tomorrow morning because he will of the first look at the radar. checked through the
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day if you have a picnic plan or something like that to see were the rain is. there is a decent chance it will not be raining all the time. but tonight, tomorrow, and on labor day, scattered showers and thunderstorms. highs will be in the low 80's. here is the 7 day forecast. the rain chance will continue tuesday, wednesday, and others as well. again, scattered. will not be raining all the time. there is a warming trend toward the end of next week. >> thank you. thanks for joining us. we will see you back here tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. for 11 news sunday morning. "saturday night live" is next. have a great night. ♪ you're watching "fox & friends." [ cheers and applause ] >> welcome back to the third hour of "fox & friends." i'm steve doocy. and joining me, always is gretchen carlson and brian kilmeade. >> good morning. >> happy monday. >> everybody have a good

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